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Express Logic - RTOS, TCP/IP, USB Stack, File System, GUI
Express Logic - RTOS, TCP/IP, USB Stack, File System, GUI
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Innovative Integration
Innovative Integration provides board-level hardware products that integrate the best analog I/O and reconfigurable FPGAs to provide cost-effective solutions for challenging data acquisition and signal processing applications.
Innovative Integration



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Elma's New Hall Effect Sensor Coded Switch Offers Rugged Design for Harsh Environments - Elma Electronic Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of rotary switch components and electronic packaging products, introduces the X4, the first in a family of new rugged switches based on the latest Hall Effect sensor coding technology. Hall Effect sensing technology offers enhanced reliability and performance where conventional switches would not survive, such as in the presence of dust and/or vibration. Products that could...
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Express Logic - RTOS, TCP/IP, USB Stack, File System, GUI

Express Logic develops, markets and supports the ThreadX® real-time operating system (RTOS), NetX™ TCP/IP networking stack, USBX™ USB stack, FileX® embedded file system, and GUIX™ GUI toolkit for embedded applications. ThreadX is a royalty-free, full source code, small-footprint, low-overhead RTOS that is extremely easy to learn and use. ThreadX is one of the most widely deployed RTOS products in the world, with over 1.5 billion products based on ThreadX.
Express Logic - RTOS, TCP/IP, USB Stack, File System, GUI

  Featured Products:

Express Logic's USBX™ is a USB Host/Device stack for use in embedded systems. USBX provides both host and device support ... Click for details!

ThreadX is the leading royalty-free real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded applications. ThreadX offers the lowest ... Click for details!

GUIX™ - GUI Development Tools
The GUIX™ development package is a professional quality graphical user interface toolkit created to meet the needs of ... Click for details!

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